Welcome to Sparkfly Perks

Your solution for employee and member discount programs.

Sparkfly Perks offers an outsource solution that provides employee discounts to a wide range of popular vendor goods and services.

We enhance your employee benefits package by connecting your employees to great deals on consumer goods, travel packages, and more. For a very low cost and negligible effort on the part of your HR team, your associates will reap benefits from a wide range of top brands.

Why include Sparkfly Perks in your benefits package?

Our 18 years of experience enhances your employees’ compensation with little cost or effort. Your employees will see our discount packages as an added benefit and a show of goodwill that will pay dividends. Our services are sure to boost loyalty and retention.

You will sign and retain the best talent when you offer a list of insider deals on premium goods and services. Your employees can choose discount deals from 900 + vendors, representing hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide, including, but not limited to:

  • Disney World, Universal Studios and Six Flags
  • Lenovo, Dell and Panasonic
  • Brooks Brothers, & Sam’s Club
  • Papa John’s, IHOP and Applebees
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Choice Hotels and Red Roof Inn
  • Avis, Budget and Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  • LA Fitness, Nutri-System & 24 Hour Fitness

Our services are available at a minimal cost to you. We provide a few simple steps to your HR team and then we take care of the rest. Everyone from your top brass down to your valued front-line employees will have the opportunity to stretch their dollar a bit further when it comes time to buy gifts, tickets, or upgrade the family’s home entertainment system.


We partner with companies on the Fortune 500, major universities, and school systems to enhance the lives of their employees. Some of our partners include The Coca-Cola Company, SunTrust Bank, Aflac Insurance, Metro-Atlanta Public Schools, and Emory University. We also partner with alumni groups, civic organizations, and any other group that wants to add a group discount plan to their membership package.

With very little effort on the part of our clients, employees see their paychecks go farther and their off-hours enhanced immeasurably. For instance, travel packages include discounts on family vacations to Disney World and vacation rentals in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and more exotic locales. Week to week, your team will love taking advantage of deals at local gyms, purchasing discounted tickets to amusement Parks, movie theaters, sporting events and concerts and even deals on electronics, new bikes and kitchenware.

Benefit to Merchants

Merchants such as Wyndham Hotels and Resorts team with Sparkfly Perks because they can track the sales from the Sparkfly program. Sales tracking is facilitated with URLs and QR codes that can only come from employees seeking to cash in on the benefits their employers provided. Merchants easily target demographics and get specific data on how and when promotions are redeemed.

To keep employee and members informed we send regular digital newsletters and engage with them through social media that updates the latest promotions from our merchant partners.

The proof is in the numbers. We’ve had clients achieve 100% ROI and everyone loves our responsive customer service. Sparkfly Perks helps you reach customers with deals that are targeted to them, and a strategic marketing plan that will expand your bottom line quarter after quarter.