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Survey: Loyalty Linked to Impact of Benefits on Personal Lives

New data suggests that delivering a paycheck and “standard” benefits is no longer enough to retain employees. According to the Global Employee Benefits Watch report from Thomsons Online Benefits, employees want to feel personally cared about. Specifically, the survey found that employees who feel that their employer-provided benefits actually have a positive impact on their lives are 40%+ more likely to declare themselves loyal to the company. This is consistent with research from the Global Wellness Institute, which showed that “caring” companies boost employee health and productivity. That is, employees that perceive their employer to genuinely care about them, professionally and personally, are healthier and improve the operating metrics of the company.

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Employee Benefit and Well-Being Trends

The pandemic brought about a profound change in the way we live, work, and interact with each other. This change has impacted ideas on work/life balance and what we understand to be the true meaning of well-being.

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What’s Missing From Many Wellness Programs

Except of article by: Wellable

With employees increasingly demanding corporate wellness programs, offering these benefits is becoming an important recruitment and retention tool for companies.

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Managing Change in the Workplace

One of the key topics at the SHRM 2021 Annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, was “change” – specifically, how this fluid alteration of our personal and business life continues to be a vital part of the HR puzzle, as the industry works to fix current issues while looking ahead to innovate for the future.

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Increase The Value of Wellness Programs

Holistic wellness programs have become more popular than ever among organizations, and it’s easy to see why: a workforce that’s healthy, happy, and engaged provides a formidable competitive advantage.

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